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4 Signs You Need to Call a Roof Leak Repair Pro ASAP

A roof leak repair is a kind of job that must only be conducted by a professional. However, can you find the leak on your own? Well, in most cases, a leak is just easy to notice. When you see water stains on your ceilings, they’re definitely a sign that there’s a leak on your roof. 

Signs You Need to Hire a Roof Leak Repair Specialist 

1. Mold 

A leaky roof can encourage mold growth. And mold can affect many parts of your house. Each time water spreads to various parts of the house, it can carry the potential of spreading the mold. However, mold can cause extreme damage to the home and weaken building materials. It also thrives in a warm, wet environment. Thus, if you notice mold on your exterior walls, it is a sure sign that your roof is leaky. Check for mold to see if it is present in the exterior wall where it meets your roof. If you see signs of mold, then the problem is getting severe. Call a professional roofer right away. 

2. Damage in Flashing

Flashing is vital to reduce the effects of water on the home’s exterior. It protects every corner of your roof, such as the chimney. If there’s flashing on the roof, it can be a potential weak point where leaks can start. When flashing is damaged, it can be the cause of a roof leak. Without kick-flashing, water can run off of your roof and get through the exterior walls. Water could also leak into the wall if the integrity of the exterior wall is weak. Through regular inspection, this issue can be prevented. The roofer can check the roof and inspect the flashing on your home to find cracks, loose pieces, or splits. 

3. Stains 

If there are discolored spots on the walls or ceiling, they are a sign that there’s a leak in your roof. Although the stains in the middle of the wall can’t be missed, there are more places to check. When you hire a prof to inspect the roof, he will pay close attention to the window and door seals, too. The pro will also inspect areas around your vents and bathroom ventilation. The inspector will check for various parts of your house to find signs of discoloration around your home. 

4. Damaged Shingles 

If your roof shingles look distorted, then it’s another sure sign your house suffers from a roof leak. The areas on the roof where shingles are twisted can be a spot where water can enter your house. When water enters this area on your roof, it can easily travel throughout your home. And the time it gets through your home, you will notice visible leak signs. If roof inspection is done regularly, damaged shingles will be fixed right away to prevent a leaky roof and any other trouble derived from it.

roof leak repair

How to Fix Roof Leak? 

The only way to perform roof leak repair is to call a professional with years of experience in fixing this type of issue. Call Rescue Roofer today to schedule an appointment: (888) 290-5525