Roof Restoration

A Roof Restoration That Lasts For A Lifetime

Roof restoration involves restoring metal roof materials, sealing leaky spots, applying a coating, and many other things. Most often, people conclude that they need to replace the complete roof at the first signs of roof problems. 

The truth is, you can use the same roof without going through the expensive exercise. Here are some truths that you need to know about restoring your roof that lasts for a long time. 

Roof Restoration

Restoring The Roof

The age of the roof, climate zone, and type of material can all determine if your roof needs to be restored or it should be completely replaced. Most insurance companies might influence the decision to either restore or re-roof your building because they consider the cost. 

A failed roof can cause a huge financial impact because of the property damage. Restoring the roof with the right new materials ensures that it lasts for a long time, and the drainage problems on the roof can be fixed. 

High roof temperatures shorten the life of roofs, so you get to manage those temperatures. You need to have adequate insulation to prevent such high temperatures. 

This means you can use a light-colored coating on a low-slope roof so that it can reflect sunlight and decrease the surface roof temperatures.

Cool Roof Technologies

Cool roof technologies are known for their ability to prevent high temperatures. They are made of white-colored roof coatings to provide long life to the roof, and they reflect sunlight. 

You can apply white roof coatings to a variety of roofing materials to protect your roof from excessive temperatures. Below are the benefits of using white roof coating:      

  • It assists your roof to shed off the water and keeps the interior dry.
  • It saves you money by avoiding expensive purchasing air-conditioners because the inside of your home has low temperatures.    
  • It prolongs and protects the roof life span by ensuring that it has less stress from the heat shock-related to huge changes in temperature. 

Monolithic Membrane

Restoring your roof by using a monolithic membrane seal is the best way to save some money because you don’t have to re-roof.

Re-roofing has a disadvantage as it creates a lot of waste that you have to remove, meaning these are more costs you have to take from your pocket. 

Manufacturers of monolithic membranes provide warranties of up to 10 years or more, so you don’t have to do expensive maintenance apart from cleaning and inspecting the roof  

The membrane seals extend the life of your roof. The only thing you need to do is to get a white surface that will reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it into your building. You will minimize the use of air conditioners; ultimately, you will have energy savings.  

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