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A Top Los Angeles Roofing Company Explains Why Not All Bad Roofs Need to Be Replaced

There are many roofing cost calculators out there, but what you need to know is that the average roof replacement will cost you about $8,000, though in some cases, that number will reach more than $10,000. That’s a big investment so it makes sense to be sure that a new roof is what you need. You might think there’s no other option for a bad roof, but Rescue Roofing LA is a premier Los Angeles roofing company and we can assure you that this isn’t always the case. Here’s what you should know before you commit to a roof replacement.

Get a Roof Inspection

What you may assume is a bad roof may have many years of life left. The only way to know for sure is to have the professionals have a look at it. Our experts can get on your roof and look at all the aspects, including shingles, gutters, and coping. We will be able to tell if you have a few years left with your current roof or if you need a replacement. Often, a few repairs can dramatically prolong the lifespan of your roof and save you some money in the process. Let us have a look before you resign yourself to paying for a replacement roof.

Los Angeles Roofing Company

Data-Driven Inspections

The art of roof inspection, both commercial and domestic, is much more advanced these days than it once was. What was once done based solely on a visual look at the roof now has science and technology on its side. This helps rule out human error and gives you clear information on the state of your roof. This also ensures that the right action is taken to provide you with a roof that protects your home or business and maintains the value and curb appeal. The results might tell you that you can keep the roof you have for several more years.

Consider a Roof Restoration

In many cases, a roof restoration is a viable alternative to a complete replacement and will save you quite a bit of money. Some estimates say that restoration will cost you about half what a replacement will. That’s a significant saving so it makes sense to explore this option before you decide on your next steps. Not only that but restoring your roof won’t take as long or disrupt your life quite as much. Restoration is also an environmentally friendly choice that keeps materials out of the landfill that is still viable and has some life left in them.

When to Call a Los Angeles Roofing Company

If you’re unsure whether you need a roof replacement or if your roof has some time left, an expert is a clear solution. Someone who is trained and experienced will know what to look for and can point out places where your roof might still be viable. They can also talk over your options, including restoration rather than replacement. If you want to know more about the quality of your roof and whether it’s as bad as you think it is, call Rescue Roofing LA today. We can have a look and give you advice on your next move.