your roof maintenance

Avoid These Mistakes With Your Roof Maintenance

With an invest like your home you should always weigh your options when making significant renovations or changes. If you are a first time homeowner or your current home is the first that needs a new roof, you may have a few questions such as: Should I go with the lowest bid? Can I save money if I buy XYZ products? Can I “DIY” this? There a some moves you want to avoid making when it comes to fixing or replacing your home’s roof. Avoiding these mistakes could mean getting your roof maintenance without stress, headaches and confusion.

Can I opt to DIY?

This is usually a bad idea. Unless you have spent years working as a roofer, you probably don’t want to climb on your roof and start ripping things up. Yes, we all want to watch Youtube videos and tackle out home projects on our own. We would suggest you stick to bathroom renovations and kitchen flips because roofing is a whole other animal (and one that can cost more than money). If you fall from your roof you may be facing huge medical bills due to injury. If you determined to get up there and get it done yourself consider the fact that roofers are insured and licensed to do the work. They have the right footwear, clothing, equipment and wherewithal when standing on a roof. This won’t be the same as your weekend closet clean up ‘hack’ because roofing is exhausting, dirty work that takes a knowledge professional that understands the elements of your roof. You may be tempted to save a few dollars but this isn’t the place where penny pinching is efficient.

your roof maintenance

Should I buy my own materials?

This might seem like a great way to save a few bucks. To be honest,it really is hard to resist trying to find the right deal on the materials you think (or know) that you’ll need. Yet when you’re working with something as big and expensive as a roof, you should think twice. This is where a contractor can work with you to have the same effect. A roofer understands all of the materials you will need and has an inside track with supply companies which means they also have the ability to price compare and find you the best deal. This can be helpful so that you don’t accidently buy the wrong materials or quantities. An experience roofing outfit also may have networking connections and through those established relationships, can get you special discounts (this isn’t guaranteed but it could happen).

Who should I employ?

Choosing the wrong contractor can be the biggest and most costly mistake you make in your journey to a new roof. Doing your homework before going with the cheapest option is always better than having to pay double to have you roof fixed by a better contractor. It’s a tale as old as time: You went with the cheapest deal and got the cheapest work. To ensure that you’re getting the right company and quality work you want to definitely check the credentials of the outfit you are looking at. This means verifying that they are insured and bonded. You can also check with locals and reviews online to see what the public has said about their work. Have you friends or family used this company? What do they have to say? You should call around to a few different contractors to create a comparison of local pricing. If you are looking to potential save a few dollars you can always try to hire a company in spring or winter as the busiest season for roofers falls in summer/autumn. This can mean they have a few deals lined up to fill out their slow season. You should check with the BBB to get a history on the company’s work or any complaints that may have been made. You ultimately are looking for great work from a company that is honest and has integrity.

There are plenty of mistakes to make when you are renovating your home or fixing large parts. However, you should leave your roof to a group that knows what it needs and how to get it done right the first time, For this you can depend on the Rescue Roofing LA. We have four decades of experience with roofing including roof inspections, repairs and replacement. We also can field any roofing emergencies you may be facing 24/7. If you would like to have a free estimate done you can call us to schedule an appointment (888) 290-5525. Do yourself the favor of avoiding costly mistakes and allow us to do the work for you! Please read more about us on on About Us page and check out our reviews on Facebook and Yelp.