Roof Repair Bill

Be Aware of These Roofing Problems to Avoid Costly Roof Repair Bill

If you’ve bought a home it likely wasn’t a small expense. You’re now looking at years spent in your home and you’ll spend those years dedicating your time and money to making it the perfect home for you. You may change the paint color, remodel the bathroom, and upgrade the kitchen. You’ll spend money every year on property and school taxes, you’ll have a mortgage and homeowners insurance. There are plenty of expenses that come with homeownership and one of the most expensive attributes of your home is your roof. We’ve gone over a few rook issues to look for as a homeowner in a previous blog but trust us, the list is much longer. When you’ve bought a home the last thing you want is a costly roof repair bill. So, keep these issues in mind and be aware of what you might be facing.

Homeowners be Aware of These Roofing Problems1


For those of you that have chimneys, you’ll be looking to relax next to a roaring fire in the winter months. However, if you have a wide chimney it forms a dam. This can cause debris to clog behind that damn and create moisture build-up. That moisture can then cause wood rot and rusting of your roof’s flashing. This is where a saddle or cricket might be necessary. This acts as a tiny roof of its own that allows rainwater and other elements to flow down and spread across the roof away from your chimney. Another way to prevent damage to your roof or your home’s integrity is to have kicked out flashing. It’s critical to have it where the roof meets a wall of the hour. If your roof meets a sidewall of your home and the only way for water to escape except for it running down the wall you may be asking for trouble. If that water has the chance to move behind your siding or stucco you may find, years down the line, that there is extreme wood rot, an expensive fix.

Another problem to catch before it destroys your roof is whether you have an appropriate gutter apron. When rainwater flows off of your roof and you don’t have an apron installed the water will move behind your gutter. From there is will soffits, fascia, and sheathing. If you find that you don’t have a gutter apron you can request that one be installed if you are replacing your shingling as this would be the easiest time to get it done. Otherwise, if there’s a roof you can install it into the existing shingles using a bit of roofing cement to glue it in place. One of the best ways to ensure that your roof is in tip-top shape is to have it inspected every five years or so. Catching problems earlier by understanding what you’re looking for can be helpful but having an inspector come out and make an assessment can save you even more headaches. Either way, having a good roof over your head is paramount to a happy home!