California Roof Repair

California Roof Repair or Replacement Before Selling Your Home – Yes or No?

The housing market tends to fluctuate and if you’re thinking of selling, you might be wondering what steps to take to get your house ready and to ensure you get the most for it once it’s listed. Your roof is a big factor in what your home is worth, so you might be wondering if having it repaired or replaced is a good investment before you sell. Rescue Roofing LA is here to help with answers to all of your questions about California roof repair and replacement. Keep reading to find out the top benefits of fixing your roof before you sell.

Yes – You Can Sell Faster

A roof that is in good repair will help you sell your home faster. Not only does a new roof add curb appeal so your house looks better, but a roof that needs to be repaired can scare away would-be buyers. If you don’t want to mess around with having your house on the market for a long time, a new roof is the answer. It will make the home more appealing as a first impression and you can often get a higher price when the roof is brand new.

Yes – You Can Attract More Buyers

While some people are certainly looking for an investment, others simply want a move-in-ready house that doesn’t need a bunch of money and repairs put into it. Because a roof is a big financial investment, buyers who want something they can live in right away may be turned off of homes with an old roof. Replacing yours might be the best way to attract the perfect buyer for your home.

No – It Costs Money and Takes Time

While a house with a new roof has the potential to sell faster, you may not have the time and money to put into it. Even though a roof replacement only takes a few days, you may have to wait several months for the project to get started. It will also cost you financially. Many sellers choose to lower the price of their home and leave the roof as-is when they list it.

No – Win a Bidding War

If your neighborhood is a popular one and there are many homes for sale in the area, you may find that you can win a bidding war by keeping the price of your house a bit lower than the others around you. When you lower the cost of yours, as compared to nearby homes for sale, you can create a bidding war. When this happens, the home is often bought as-is, which means no inspection. This can benefit you when it comes to avoiding the cost and time of getting a new roof.

Do You Need California Roof Repair?

There are certainly pros and cons to having your roof replaced before you sell it. Rescue Roofing LA has many solutions that can meet your needs. We can help you decide what the best course of action is for your home. Call us today to get a free estimate.