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Can Roof Repair Prepare Your House for a Major Storm?

Seasons come and go. You can’t predict the weather all the time. Unfortunately, the weather is the main cause of wear and tear on your house. That’s why no matter how strong your roof is, there will come a time when you will need roof repair. Minor issues can be fixed with no downtime. However, if the roof is not well-maintained or you left the issue untreated for so long, the minor issue can turn into a catastrophe. 

Now, if it’s reported that there’s a major storm coming, there are many ways to prepare your home. One of them is to have your roof repaired if it needs fixing. If not, it has to be inspected by a professional to ensure that it has a chance to stand up against extreme weather. 

Roof Repair and Clean Gutters 

Besides roof repair, your gutters must be thoroughly cleaned. The last thing you want during a major storm is your gutters to clog. If that happens, your house will suffer from an overflow resulting in puddles sitting on your roof. Water can spill out of the sides of the gutters. Keep in mind that the gutters are vital parts of your roofing system. They are designed to direct water away from the house to lower the chances of wear and tear on the roof. Thus, to protect your roof, make sure the gutters are clear. The drain spouts should also be unclogged before and after the storm hits. 

Trim Tree Branches 

This is part of roof maintenance. Intense wind can drop a tree branch on your roof. The branches can shatter tiles and crack your roof supports. You can repair the roof but the cost can be discouraging. The best way to prevent yourself from facing this financial disaster is to keep your trees trimmed. The branches must not touch your roof. You can’t stop the winds from blowing a free branch across the neighborhood. But you can avoid tree branches from falling onto your roof. During a roof inspection, our roofing professionals will check areas of the property that can have the potential to damage your house during strong winds or storms. 

Repair Leaks 

You don’t want a leaky roof while there’s a storm or heavy rain outside. If you notice signs of a leak on your ceiling, make sure to find the cause and repair it immediately. Don’t wait for the leak to become severe before you have it repaired. And when you mend it, make sure that it is fixed by a well-experienced roof leak repair specialist. 

roof repair

Call Roof Specialist 

It’s vital to call a roof inspector before and after a major storm. This will ensure that your roof is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. There are other ways to prepare your house for a major storm. Contact our roof repair specialist to schedule a roof repair and inspection: (888) 290-5525. When you call us today, you get a free estimate so you will know how much it will cost to repair or maintain your roof.