Problems Commercial Roofing Contractors

Common Problems Commercial Roofing Contractors Find

Owning a business can mean sleepless nights, stress-filled days, and unexpected situations. If you own the building that your company is housed in then you don’t want one of those unexpected situations to involve your roof. If you are working out of a property that is owned by a landlord or commercial property management company you might be in a bigger pickle if your roof is having trouble and you don’t have the authority to get it checked out. Each property that is encountered by a roofing company can be unique in its problems but these are common problems commercial roofing contractors see far too often. So, be aware of what to look out for.

Puncturing or Penetration

Any building’s roof can be privy to penetration or puncturing throughout its lifetime. If you roof isn’t inspected on a frequent basis there may be no way for you to be certain that your building is safe from this. One of the best ways to be certain that your business’s roof isn’t in danger is to call and request an inspection. If you don’t own the property you may have to talk with your landlord to know whether they have had it looked at recently. Penetrations and punctures can be the entry point for leaking that can further damage the structure of your roof.

Pooling Water

If your building has a roof that is flat you should be aware of the risk pooling water has on it. A lot of commercials’ roofs are flat. This means they are ideal for water pooling after rain. When water is allowed to pool for longer periods of time it can cause mold, warping of the roof, and leaking. Over the course of weeks or months, this can become a huge and costly problem to fix and if not treated in a timely manner it might mean the temporary closure of your business depending on what floor you reside on. Pooling can also be caused by a faulty HVAC system so having your roof and your HVAC inspected for issues by the proper companies will ensure that you aren’t running into expensive troubles down the line.

Problems Commercial Roofing Contractors

Poor Flashing and Faulty Pitch Pans

If you aren’t familiar with the materials and parts that comprise your roof you should know that flashing pitch pans are designed so that they prevent water from reaching your roof’s seams and joints. It’s thought that bad flashing is the major cause behind a leaking roof on commercial buildings. As you may know, roofing material expands and contracts with the heat from the sun as well as fluctuations in humidity. When this contraction and expansion occurs it can cause the flashing to tear and break away. There’s also the chance that improper installation and design can lead to this breaking occurring. The same for poorly maintained and installed pitch pans which can lead to water leaking under the roof.

Filthy Drains and Gutters

If you aren’t in charge of getting your gutters cleaned regularly then you should be calling your landlord to ensure that they are. Gunked-up gutters can quickly become a problem, especially for people in climates where fall foliage and falling leaves play a part. It can be just as bad in a windy location. If your building is in a spot that experiences hard winds they can easily carry dirt, dust, leaves, debris, and other clogging-worthy items up to your gutters and drains. When your drain is jammed it can allow water to back up to a point where it pools into your roof and causes damage. Maintaining clean gutters and drains is the only way to prevent this from happening.

The best way to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly is to resolve maintenance problems when they arise. The longer that you wait to deal with a structural problem on your building the more likely it will be that you may end up with a very expensive issue that needs fixing. If your business is owning commercial buildings where tenants make their money you will want to frequently inspect your roof and HVAC and clean the drains and gutters. It’s a great way not only to prevent problems but also to avoid legal issues. When you rent to business owners any disruption in their retail space or office can be a loss if income for them which may mean a lawsuit for you.

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