a Roof Inspection

Considerations to Make in a Roof Inspection

Has it been a few years since your last home roof inspection? Every homeowner should schedule a roof inspection every three years depending on the materials their roof is made of (the most common being shingling). If you find that you are coming up to your inspection period don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Rescue Roofing LA. It’s probably been a few years since your last inspection or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home. This may leave you wondering what happens during an inspection. You may be wondering why roof inspections are important and what happens during them. Here are a few things you should expect and consider during your next roof inspection. 

a Roof Inspection

What happens up there?

You may wonder what a roof is looking for or doing while inspecting your roof and attic. During a roof inspection your roofer will follow a specific ‘map’ that allows him or her to provide a professional overview of what’s going on on your roof. This process usually begins will a visual inspection from the ground involving walking around your home. They’ll also look for things such as worn surfaces, drainage patterns, and level or angled surfaces of your roof. They’ll climb to your roof (depending on its height or pitch). They’ll check for spots that are being invaded with moisture, nails that are creating penetration points, shingles wear and roof deck sagging. They’ll also inspect for dark spots and material corruption in the form of blistering. Curling or buckling. They’ll also look at areas like your chimney and roof vents and especially the state of the flashing. Furthermore, they’ll inspect your gutters for shingle granules that may be eroding and washing into your gutters. 

Other things to consider

It’s important to have your inspection done every few years to make sure that there aren’t problems brewing on your roof. Small dents and cracks can go unnoticed from the ground and an untrained eye. Having a professional ensure you that all is well can save you a lot of money if you prevent issues before they get out of control. When you are scheduling your roof inspection you should take into consideration the materials your roof is made from. If you have a ceramic tile or metal roof you’ll want to be sure that you hire a roofer who understands how to inspect those materials. As an example, tiles have to be inspected for cracking or splitting. Some home that has cedar roofing has to be checked for moss growth and wood rot. You roof is likely to be unique to your home in some way, so be sure to hire a company that knows what to look for. When you are ready to have your roof inspected, repair work done or a new roof installed you can call the Rescue Roofing LA. Schedule your free estimate today at (888) 290-5525. You can also depend on us 24/7 for any emergency needs resulting from events like weather damage.