DIY Dangers When Roofing: Why You Should Always Use a Professional

Doing your own restoration or remodeling work around your home can be a really large print point for a homeowner. You have the satisfaction of telling your guest “I redid this entire room by myself.” Doing the work yourself can also help you save quite a bit of money that would go towards hiring a professional. While there are a lot of home projects you can probably accomplish yourself like renovating your kitchen or bathroom or repainting your interior walls, there are some jobs that are best left to professionals. When it comes to repairing or replacing your roof, it’s a job that is certainly best left to a professional crew. There are many safety measures and codes that need to be met to ensure a job well done. Here are a few reasons why DIY when roofing is a bad decision:

Roofing Safety: 

One of your very first concerns when you are dealing with a “Do It Yourself” project should be your safety. Repairing or replacing your roof requires a lot of climbing and being in the sun for hours. Roof work involves hauling heavy materials and tools up a ladder while walking on an incline that can throw you off balance. Roofers spend years learning their trade and training to be able to do the best, safest job that they can. Putting your safety at risk to repair your roof isn’t worth it. 


The wrong solutions:

You know that your roof plays a very important part in keeping your family safe from the elements year-round. For that reason, you wouldn’t want to apply a sloppy band-aid to a huge issue. When you try to DIY your roofing solution you could be applying the wrong fix or one that won’t stand up to the elements. You want a roof that is in its best condition and holds up well for years. If you notice a problem on your roof it’s best to address it quickly. Things as simple as mold growth can cause larger issues and getting the help of a professional roofer could be the best solution for solving problems in a lasting manner. 

Warranty issues:

Your current roof was probably built with a warranty attached. If you climb up there and start tinkering and hammering you may end up voiding that warranty. When you sign a roofing contract with a roofing company most will include a fine print section that details their warranty policy. This policy is in place so that you can get help in the months or years to come when or if your roof accrues damage from things like bad installation. It also means that it can be voided if you decide to try to do the work by yourself. Roofing companies do this so that they can protect the roof from damage that may be caused by improper Do It Yourself jobs from homeowners and untrained/qualified roofers. 

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