Reliable Los Angeles Roofing Company

Finding a Reliable Los Angeles Roofing Company During an Emergency

Life can have unexpected events that can cause damage to your home and welfare. When harsh storms sweep through your area they can leave behind destruction and damage to residential and commercial roofs alike. A business owner can be left with stressful situations that call for emergency roof repairs. In times like these, it’s best to know where to find a reliable roofer to help you out whether it’s your home that needs to be fixed or your business. When a natural disaster you’ll want to be able to trust a qualified roofing outfit, this means being wary of the unsavory sorts like storm chasers, that may come around. In such difficult times, a reliable Los Angeles roofing company comes very in handy.

Reliable Los Angeles Roofing Company

Avoiding ‘Storm Chasers’

When emergencies happen a homeowner or commercial building owner may feel pressured and hurried to find a person to help them repair their damaged roof. This can be an especially pressing matter if your roof is affecting your ability to open your business as usual or if your home’s interior is being heavily affected. Regardless, it isn’t a great idea to wait too long as roofing problems can only get worse given time. However, don’t allow a person to make you feel rushed into a decision. You should also be especially careful about those who approach you to offer a helping hand. 

Storm chasers are people that prey on building owners and homeowners to make hurried decisions in times of crisis. The stress and worry you’re feeling can make you vulnerable to making a snap decision. This can be very beneficial to roof scammers who want to take your money in return for shoddy work. 

How Do They Get Away With It?

You may be wondering how this scam works and what the best ways are to avoid it. Storm chasers usually travel to locations that have been hit by natural disasters or large storms that can result in roof damage. These people then post help-wanted ads throughout the area claiming that applicants will make massive income in a short time frame. With this tactic, they form their ‘crew’ of helpers. The storm chasers then reach out to local legitimate roofing agencies. They offer extra works to help with the abundance of damage repair needs. In enhancing this help the storm chasers are then authorized by local companies to use their warranties and name. The local company then receives a big pay-for profit sharing that happens. These storm chasers then enter the area and take hundreds of roofing jobs using local company names. Homeowners and business owners then hire the storm chasers because they believe the work is under the observation and care of a locally trusted company. 

Insurance companies then take steps to pay out homeowners and business owners for the damage a storm or natural disaster has caused. Storm chasers and their ‘host’ company then pocket quite a bit of money from the insurance payout to ‘fix’ the repair needs. After performing shoddy work the storm chasers leave with their massive profits. This leaves the host company with a surge of complaints and claims to use their warrant services. The host company then suffers from a bad reputation or has to close their business 

Finding a Reliable Los Angeles Roofing Company

When you are on the hunt for the right roofer after storm damage or any type of roofing repair your can count on Rescue Roofing LA  to get the job done right. Give us a call today at (888) 290-5525