Commercial Property Roof Lifespan

How to Extend Your Commercial Property Roof Lifespan

Owning a commercial property takes a lot of upkeep. You have to pay taxes and follow the rules and regulations set by your town. You may be in charge of routine lawn care, replacing sidewalks, painting parking lines, and many other things. One thing is for certain. You want your commercial property roof lifespan to be as long as possible. A building can stand for a hundred years or more but a shingle roof lasts about 15-20 . Extending your roof’s life by even five years can allow you more time to save up the budget for a full replacement. If you aren’t budgeting for this cost, you should be. Your roof is one of your building’s biggest investments and keeping it in good shape is the only way to get as many years out of it as possible. So, you may be asking yourself how you are the owner of a commercial property can get the most out of the investment that is your roof? How can you elongate its lifespan even by a few years?

A Balance Between Energy Codes and Insulation

Although you might not know much about insulation and the energy codes that you need to meet in your city a roofing company could point you in the right direction. When it comes to your roof being the most efficient it can be there needs to be a great balance between the amount of insulation and meeting energy codes. An example of a bad balance is a roof that has too much insulation. When a room has too much insulation the result is that it prevents any energy from entering the property and the roof takes it all. This means that you are likely to experience a heavy shift between night and day temperatures. It also means that the roof is expanding and contracting more often which can harm its lifespan. Finding the correct balance should be discussed with your roofing contractor.

Commercial Property Roof Lifespan

Scheduling Roof Inspections On A Regular Basis

To be mindful of your roof’s longevity you will want to schedule inspections twice a year as well as following a worrisome weather event. To get an inspection done you’ll want to work with a roofing company that you trust and would like to return to your property with regularity. It can’t be denied that having peace of mind in the trust you have for your roofing company will make inspections stress-free. A roof inspection usually goes over things like the drainage system, roofing membranes and plays special attention to the flashing areas (penetration and edges). A large majority of leaks state where the roof intersects with other areas. These leaks can very quickly form and escalate if they aren’t caught quickly. Good commercial roofing contractors will spend a thorough amount of time inspecting your roof and creating a comprehensive list of anything that needs fixing.

Make Your Preventive Maintenance A Priority

If you are serious about ensuring that your roof lasts a long time you should make preventative maintenance a large priority. Keep in mind that prevention is a better option than having to fix damaged segments of your roof or fixing leaks. Preventative maintenance means cleaning and cleaning your gutters and drains at least two times a year or more depending on the kind of debris and elements that may get stuck in them. Your drains should be able to adequately expel excess rainwater from the downspouts and drain area. Keep wary of any issues that need to be fixed and address them urgently. Creating a list of preventative maintenance goals and a schedule for when you need to have your roof inspected can be helpful.

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