a New Roof

Is a New Roof a Good Investment?

Are you asking yourself if a new roof is a good idea right now? A lot of homeowners are reluctant to spend the money that’s needed for a new installation. It’s a large investment, but is it really worth it? Just like any investment you make in your life you will want to understand what kind of ‘return on investment’ there is. In this case, there are many benefits to having a new roof installed. Here are the six big benefits to expect when you invest in a new roof.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When you focus on the real meat and potatoes of investing you should be concerned about the ROI of that investment. When it comes to a quality roofing job you should expect to see about a 70% return on what you spent. This means that when all is said and done you should get about 70% of every dollar you spent back when you sell your home. Your new roof is meant to last around 20 years or more depending on the materials it’s made of. Having a new roof installed with the best materials means you won’t end up with unexpected costs in the future.

Comfort level

The most important thing your new roof can do for you and your family is to allow you to keep the temperatures in your home stable. An old roof that is susceptible to leaks can have a hard time keeping cool air inside your home during the summer as well as trapping warm air during the winter. Having a roof that isn’t shielding to its full potential can cost you big on energy expenditure. Especially when your heat/cooling is leaking out of the ceiling.

a New Roof

Energy Savings

When you are considering whether a new roof will be a wise investment it also can depend on factors such as the manufacturer who produces the materials used on your new roof. When you have a roof installed by a trusted and experienced company you can be sure the job is done right. New materials have hit the market over the years that aim to help in areas like energy savings. These new materials work on keeping your home cool by using heat deflection which can be tremendously beneficial when you live in a hot climate or wish to keep the bills down during the summer.

Security and Safety

Apart from knowing that your investment is a sound one and that you are creating energy savings you may also be concerned about the safety of your roof. Older roofs can be victims of caving especially when they reach or well exceed their life span. Furthermore, the water damage that is sustained by a roof over the years and not fixed can cause mold and mildew which can pose a health hazard to you and your family. Lastly, an old roof can be worse for wear after a large storm or unable to withstand storms that a newer roof wouldn’t have any problem with. If safety is on the top of your list of concerns when it comes to your roof, a new one might be in order.

Curb Appeal

You may not be entirely worried about your curb appeal but it adds value to your home and the homes around you. Having a great new roof that looks nice can be a great way to bump the resale value of your home by thousands of dollars. Not only will you have a roof that saves you on energy costs and keeps you safe but it could put a lot of money back into your pocket down the line.


When you choose to install a new roof you also should be looking to get one that has a great warranty. It’s a way of soundly protecting your investment. Most reliable roofers have a warranty in their agreement or there is a warranty attached to their materials themselves.

So, is a new roof a good investment? We think so! It allows you to save on energy costs and helps boost your and your entire neighborhood’s curb appeal. It also likely has a warranty and when you sell your home you should make back some of the investment you put into it. Buying a new roof might not need to happen at this very second for you but when your roof is getting older you should take a look at how many years it has left and plan accordingly.

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