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While many people do not give the roofing much attention as compared to other parts of the building such as the internal design, it is one of the main areas that determine the type of a building. Property values will look at all areas of the building before they indicate its worthy and that means even the roof. The type of roofing should be selected carefully such that it blends well with the color and material of the other parts.There are several types of roofing depending on the material that is used to make the building. Some of the common types of roofing material that one can find in the market are:


Composites– these are increasingly being used as roofing material in modern buildings due to their lightweight and durability. They come in different forms and colors depending on the materials that were used to make the composite. Mostly, they are made of fiberglass which is then mixed with metals or other organic compounds. With the right skills, lying of composite roofing is quite easy and replacement of worn or broken parts can be done within a very short period of time.Metals-since the discovery of metals such as iron and aluminum, rolled metal became the mainstream of roofing. Today, they still find a wide range of application though they face stiff competition from newcomers such as fiberglass which can last for more than three times at relatively lower price. Steel is the main type of metal which is used for roofing. However, it rust under severe environment hence then need for galvanizing. Corrugated copper can endure hundreds of years but it is very expensive.

Los Angeles Roofing Contractor

Thermoset and thermoplastics– They rolled to thin continuous membranes which can then be laid as roofing material. Thermosets harden when exposed to heat until a certain point when they break and the compound degenerate completely. Thermoplastics soften upon exposure to high temperature but return to their normal form once cooled to room temperature again. Plastics are light and can last for over 60 years.Thatch- it is one of the oldest methods of roofing. Plants stalks are arranged into sheets then overlapped to form the roof. They subject to decomposition and attack by insects hence their life time is limited. Rice stalks, reeds, grass and papyrus are the commonly used plants for thatch roofs.

Ceramics– though originally made for pavement and walls, ceramics are increasingly finding application in roofing. They come in different shapes and colors. Lying of ceramics for roofing require highly specialized manpower.There are other roofing materials such as bitumen, asbestos and green roofing but these are rarely used. Before you decide on the roofing material to use for your building, seek the advice of a professional who will give you on the best option for your building. The type of roofing material you select will also determine the underlying that will accompany it. The intended life span of the building will also determine the best roofing material will be used.