Roof Leak

Need a Roof Leak Repair? Let Us Take Care Of It!

When you start to see signs of a roof leak, you should contact a roofing professional immediately. Unfortunately, that moment you notice a leak may not be a convenient time to talk to a regular roofing professional, which is why you should know about Rescue Roofing LA.

Who is the Rescue Roofing LA? 

Rescue Roofing LA has been repairing, installing, and restoring roofs in the Los Angeles area for over 40 years. Decades of experience have made Rescue Roofing LA some of the best, most reliable roofing professionals California has to offer. CRP only hires the most experienced, most well trained, fully licensed professionals to be part of the team, because delivering amazing service to their customers is their number one priority. 

Roof Leak

Having worked on every kind of roof imaginable, and seen every environmental emergency California has to offer, Rescue Roofing LA are the seasoned professionals you want working on your roof. Some roofing contractors promise big results, charge you lots of money, then deliver underwhelming results that require repairs only a few years down the line. The Rescue Roofing LA uses its experience to build durable, high-quality, long-lasting roofs that can withstand years of service without needing repair. 

What truly sets Rescue Roofing LA apart is its dedication to customer service. CRP has made themselves available to their loyal base of Los Angeles customers 24/7 because they understand that roofing emergencies don’t wait for convenience. Whenever disaster strikes, the best roofing contractors are only a phone call away, day or night. 

Signs You Have a Leak

Roof leaks are one of the biggest reasons home and business owners seek out professional help for their roofs. Leaks are fairly easy to detect, nearly always showing visible signs that they exist and offering you a fairly clear idea of where the origin of the leak may be. Here are some signs you may have a leak in your roof: 

  • Water dripping directly out of the roof; this may be a slow drip, steady stream, or standing water you notice after a storm or rain shower
  • Water staining on the ceiling or walls
  • Visible holes in the roof
  • Outside light shining through the roof 

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