Professional Roof Maintenance

Professional Roof Maintenance and Why It’s Important

Your roof is more than just a lid on your home. It’s actually a complex system of layers that protect and insulate your home while maintaining its structure. It’s one of the most important and expensive investments you’re likely to make in the course of your homeownership. For this reason, you will want it to be in its best condition throughout the years. Having roofing work done right is only one step in having a great roof for years. Professional roof maintenance is also very important if you want to be on top of your roof’s upkeep. 

If you have a poorly maintained roof that is no doubt that at some point it is going to develop some major issues. Your roof is always exposed to outside elements. It doesn’t have the luxury of AC in the summer and a fireplace in the winter. This is why routine and regular inspections and maintenance should be on the top of your home’s to-do list. 

Professional Roof Maintenance

Frequent Inspections in Roof Maintenance

Plenty of homeowners overlook aspects on their to-do list like inspections. When it comes to your roof you’ll want to have it inspected by a professional roofing company. This should happen at least every 3 years for shingle roofs. Roofers will take the time to look at things like how your flashing is holding up, what state your gutters are in, and other aspects. They can then give you an idea of what work might need to be done at that moment or in the future. 

Gutter Cleaning

Another important part of maintaining your home’s roof is gutter cleaning. When you have gutters that are clogged with leaves and debris it can allow water to pool on your roof. Not only can water then seep under the layers of your roof and leak into your attic. Not only does this damage your roof but also the interior of your home. You should have your gutters cleaned at least two times a year, in the spring and fall. This is unless you live in a home that is surrounded by trees that can drop needles, leaves, and other materials year-round. The drainpipes of your gutters should also be checked and cleaned during these times to ensure that water isn’t backing up to your roof. 

Fixing Versus Replacing

Another major benefit to making sure your home has a roof maintenance plan is that you will find yourself fixing parts of your roof instead of replacing them. Having a professional, insured roofer who understands what looks right or wrong on your roof can be very helpful. There could be minor adjustments and fixes needed like a few new shingles or securing a gutter. However, without proper inspections and gutter cleaning, you may find that a small avoidable problem that could have been fixed may lead to your whole roof needing to be replaced. 

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