Replacing Your Roof

Replacing Your Roof and Can’t Decide on a Single Color?

You’ve finally decided on replacing your roof! You have probably budgeted for this moment over the course of a decade or so but now the time is finally here. It’s an exciting time when you have the finances to make major cosmetic changes to your home. It adds immense curb appeal as well as value to your home if you plan to sell. However, with so many colors of shingles available, you may not know which way to go with your choice. You might be of the mind to just choose the exact color that your home already was and if that’s so, no judgment here! Yet, you could choose something brand new that accents your home and gives it a beautiful and fresh new feel.

Ask Around

If you thought finding the right contractor would be hard, welcome to an even harder decision! If you want some input you could ask your family or neighbors for their opinions on the best color. You should also keep in mind whether you are dealing with an HOA or other circumstances. If that’s the case you are likely restricted from straying away from certain colors. Your neighbor might be able to suggest something that keeps you within the look and feel of the neighborhood while also being striking, beautiful, and new.

Replacing Your Roof

Take a look at your home

If you aren’t planning to repaint your home then you can refer to your siding to get an idea of what shingle color may work best for you. You’ll want something that compliments and doesn’t clash with your current home colors. It can also be a question of the materials your home is cladded with. If you are working with wood planks and not run-of-the-mill siding you may be interested in a tin roof or something more unique. While you might lean toward bright or bold colors you want to be extra careful about the color of your home so that you’re not having to repaint the exterior to make up for a mistake in roof color.

Stick with curb appeal

You may have some funky eclectic tastes inside your home which makes it unique and interested for guests to visit. You will want the outside of your home to have the same feel but you shouldn’t go too far and ruin the curb appearance. Finding a balance between what you love and what adds to your curb appeal can make a huge difference when it comes to potentially selling your home one day. Just be sure to pick something you’re willing to love and stick with because most roof shingles last at least 15 t0 20 years.

Change the shape not the color

If you want to add some pizzazz to your home without having to struggle to find a new color you can always go for a new shingle shape to give your home some added character. You may not have even considered changing the shape. After all, don’t shingle only come in rectangles? Nope! Don’t limit your possibilities here! There are plenty of colors out there to choose from but also many different shapes as well! Don’t settle for just changing the color if changing the shape would have a more impressive and aesthetically appealing effect.

Ask a Professional

When all else fails and you have no idea where to go you can always trust a professional to help you make the right choice. Consulting a roofing contractor means you’re getting advice from someone who has spent plenty of hours, days, and years working with different shingles (colors and shapes). They can steer you in the direction of the right options for your home.

Regardless of which colors you choose, choosing the right roofing contractor is one of the biggest hurdles to getting your roof squared away. You’ll want to ensure that the company is insured and bonded and have a history of good work. Don’t hesitate to call around to price compare. Also, keep in mind that prices may be lower depending on the season (with most roofing companies being busier in summer and fall). If you want the job done right by a great company you can work with our team at Rescue Roofing LA. We have four decades of experience in roofing inspections, repairs, and replacements. We offer free estimates as well! If you would like to call to schedule an estimate or an inspection we can be reached at (888) 290-5525. We also work on emergency cases and can be reached 24/7 all year round to address any roofing emergencies you may be experiencing. Your shingle choice should be the hardest decision you make when you work with a component company that does its best work and has your needs in mind.