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Restore Your Property With The California Roofing Team

Nothing lasts forever, and this includes parts of your California property such as the roof. Although some varieties of roof are believed to last a hundred years or more, that is no guarantee that the roof will be in good condition at the end, and most California roofing is much less durable than this. Generally, roofing in Southern California will last between 15 and 20 years, and it can be very easy to completely lose track of  how old your roof is exactly. Often, homeowners and commercial property managers don’t think about the roof at all until problems occur such as leaking. By the time you realize that the roof is not in a good condition, you might have to replace the entire thing, and that requires calling in teams of experts such as Rescue Roofing LA. We can help you with a variety of different roofing needs, including repairs and re-roofing properties.

California RoofingDeciding To Re-Roof Your Property

Homeowners facing a problem with their roof may be torn between getting a basic repair and redoing the whole of the roof. While a simple repair is easy and affordable, it may not be a long-term solution, as by the time the roof has started to fail, leading to leaks, drafts or missing shingles, a full replacement is usually a requirement. Unless the repair is needed due to weather damage or other incidents which are not caused by the age or condition of the roof, it is usually necessary to have a complete re-roofing performed. This will prevent repeated problems with your roof which are not only time-consuming and annoying but could result in more serious damage to your property.

Choosing The Right Roof For You

What sort of roof is right for your needs? You might decide to use the same materials in order to keep the roof looking the same, or to comply with HOA rules, and it makes sense to check with homeowner association rules before making any changes. There are also other factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the material for your roof. Some roofing materials are much heavier than others, so while asphalt is light enough to be installed onto a standard roof, others including heavier tiles and clay, may “weigh 10 pounds or more per square foot” according to the Los Angeles Times. What this means is that you will likely have to replace or strengthen the roof framing. These tiles make the re-roofing more expensive but are more durable than other forms and are likely to increase the value of your property.

Inspection And Permits

A serious project such as re-roofing is likely to require additional approval from your local government services, particularly those which apply to buildings and inspections. For example, you will most likely need to apply for permit if the entire roof is to be replaced. In some areas of California, such as the City of Newark, you need to apply for a permit when replacing a roof which is over 100sq feet. Building inspections are often performed where you need to add additional strength to the existing frame, or where restoration of the roof framing is needed. Inspectors will look for evidence that damaged wood has been replaced, that the material is suitable for the property or that the roof decking is correctly fitted. These inspections are designed to ensure that your new roof is safe and well built.

Costing Your California Roofing Restoration

Re-roofing your property will never be cheap, but it is the best way to make sure that your roof remains strong and durable for as long as you live in the property. While you should make sure that you have a budget of $20000-$30000 at least for your restoration, you should also talk to experienced teams like Californian Roofing Pros who can make suggestions and offer advice that will help you to keep your costs to a minimum. To find out more about how you can make the right choices for your roof today, ask our teams to offer you a free estimate for your roofing restoration work. You can contact us online now, or call (888) 290-5525 today.