Roof Inspection: Should I Get It?

Roof Inspection: Should I Get It?

Short answer: yes. Yet, you may be wondering how often you should get your roof checked. It’s by and large the most expensive asset to your home. You may be thinking “Well, what about my inground pool or my private wine cellar, etc, etc”. Fair play, you might have some incredibly expensive elements in your home that you’ve to build in or built up over the years. However, without a roof over your home, very few things would be liveable in your home if you didn’t have a roof. So, without further ado, let’s talk about when it’s best to get a roof inspection and why.

To understand when to get your roof inspected by a professional you’ll have to also understand that it can be reliant on many different factors. These factors can include things such as what materials your home is comprised of and the weather and elements it has been exposed to. It’s a good idea to carefully inspect your roof once or twice a year and have in professional inspection as well at different intervals in your years of homeownership. One of the most important things to keep in mind when thinking of the condition of your roof is that it’s more than just a stack of tiles and shingling. A roof is made up of much more than those two elements. There are also rafters, sheathing, trusses, and layering that make it all possible. With all of the parts and pieces that go into a roofing structure, there is only so much as a homeowner that you can inspect yourself.

Roof Inspection: Should I Get It?1

You should be diligent post-storm weather to check that there isn’t any major damage to your roof. You can spot leaking via water stains on your ceiling. You can also spot problem areas like missing singles or sagging in your roof. When water has the chance to leak in without your knowledge you could end up having major rot and milk issues on your hand. There are different types of shingles that comprise a roof, some can be asphalt others can be wood. Depending on what your roof was made of it can determine what kind of damage you should be looking out for. In general, your usual asphalt and composite singles should be looked over by a professional every three years or so.   If you have a tile roof you’re looking at an inspection every 5 years.

Different roofing materials mean different lifespans. If you have a classic shingled roof you should see a lifespan of around 20 years while a tile roof can last one hundred years. Regardless of your roof’s proposed lifespan, you should take care of it through routine checks. If you notice any leaking or problems it’s best to be on top of those and fix them as soon as possible. Hire professional, vetted inspectors who understand what to look for during roof inspection. When you have the responsibility of keeping your home in good order you don’t want to end up with a preventable problem on your hands.