Roof Repair Specialists

Roof Repair Specialists in Designing a Roof to Lower Energy Costs

During summer and winter, your roof is your best defense against the heat and the chill. That’s why it is best to hire a roof repair specialist to ensure that your existing roof offers the best defense.

Having a poorly insulated roof will allow too much heat in your house, resulting in high AC bills and heating costs. Thus, it is a good idea to spend more on having a good roof. It will just pay off in the long run.

Apart from protecting you from the elements, having an energy-efficient roof will provide you with a cooler home in the summer while warmer during the winter season.

Plus, the energy-efficient materials in the roof can withstand UV radiation from the sun. It results in extending the roof’s lifespan.

Solar Reflectance

One of the energy-efficient roofing products that a roof repair specialist may recommend is high solar reflectance. It reflects the sun’s energy back to the environment.

Having a reflective roof reduces the temperature on the roof. It means there is less heat that gets in your home. Furthermore, it has high emittance that is more efficient in releasing solar heat than it absorbs.

When designing an energy-efficient roof, make sure to talk to a roofing specialist.

Seek Input from Roof Repair Specialists

Having such a roof needs to be well thought out from the start. That’s why it is vital to team up with a roofing specialist and an architect. These professionals will work with you in the design process.

roof repair specialists

Include Effective Drainage

Your energy-efficient roof must have effective drainage as well. It is vital to also have a maintenance-friendly roof. One of the problems when it comes to roofing is drainage and water buildup. Puddles can easily build-up that can hasten damage.

Should You Consider Green Roof?

If you wish to lower your energy bills, having a green roof is the best option. However, installing it is more expensive than the cost of having other roofing methods.  Keep in mind that a lot of things can go into building such a roof to sustain vegetables while protecting the house from the elements.

Over time, though, the green roof benefits will outweigh the cost as it saves you money while it helps in protecting the environment. In other words, it is a great investment. The plants on the roof will not produce energy. However, they help in reducing cooling costs in the summer months. Plus, the plants absorb the sun’s rays as they add further protection between the rays and the membrane of the roof. As a result, your AC will not work as hard as it must be.

Furthermore, this type of roof deteriorates slower than a normal roof. However, it takes a bit of planning when you consider such roofing.

That’s why it is vital to talk to a roof repair specialist before replacing your current roofing. Talk to our specialists today to get a free estimate. Or you may also call us to book an appointment at (888) 290-5525.