Damage Roof Repair

The FAQs of Hail Damage Roof Repair

Dealing with seasonal weather can be alarming especially when it comes in the form of hail. The size of hail can range from lemon seeds to softballs. They can damage windows, ding up (or total) your vehicle and take a whack at the integrity of your home’s roof. Hail storms can cause a lot of damage to your roof and after one has passed through your area, you may be wondering what to do about potential damage to your roof. We’ve put together a few frequently asked questions about damage roof repair to help you out the next time a hail storm sweeps through your neighborhood. 

After the storm has passed you may be wondering things like: 

My home was just hit by a hail storm, should I get my roof inspected?

Unlike a lot of other roofing damage hail storm damage isn’t as obvious as a tree branch falling on your roof. You may see that the size of the hail wasn’t terribly large but that doesn’t mean there isn’t damage to your roof. It’s especially hard to spot if you have a textured roof with architectural or dimensional shingles. Your roof’s outer materials may only have shallow dents that aren’t visible from the ground. If those dents are deep enough they can damage your waterproofing layer. Even a small hold in the waterproofing can allow rainwater to get through to the roof deck and then into the attic. Getting your roof inspected by a professional roofing company may be the only way to determine whether any damage has been done to your roof. Roofers have a trained every to spot the dings and dents that may not be visible to you from the ground. 

Damage Roof Repair

Can I look at the roof myself?

You may think that inspecting your roof can save you the time and money of finding a roofing contractor. What’s it to you to put up your ladder and climb up there yourself? However, most homeowners lack the knowledge of how to safely scale the roof and look for signs of damage. Experienced roofing professionals know how to properly conduct roof inspections following their safety guidelines and they understanding of proper solutions to damage. They’re also bonded and insured to cover any accidents while inspecting your home’s roof. Climbing up on your roof means running the risk of falling and then the potential of heft medical bills. 

What happens after an inspection?

After our team has spent time conducting a thorough inspection we will discuss our findings with you. From there we can come up with repair or maintenance solutions as well as an estimate of costs. If you are currently dealing with hail damage home, give Rescue Roofing LA a call today at (888) 290-5525. You should have your roof inspected every two to three years to ensure that there aren’t any major issues growing in the form of leaks or damaging water pooling. You should also have your gutters cleaned regularly to avoid any backup of water or blockage in drain pipes.