Why you Should Arrange for a Roof Inspection

Why You Should Arrange for a Roof Inspection

You have just bought your first home in a beautiful neighborhood that you and your family will love. You are finally all moved in and getting comfortable with your surroundings and settling into a routine. Indeed, you are genuinely excited about what the future holds. You are also feeling a bit anxious as a new homeowner, mainly because you know the home you bought is older and may have some quirks and need repairs. Even though you had a home inspection performed before the sale, you still have some concerns, particularly about the age and condition of the roof. The last thing you want is a roofing disaster, so now might be a good time for you to schedule a roof inspection so you can get things checked out.

What an Inspection Will Do

When you arrange for an inspection, you will have a roofing professional come to your home and examine the roof inside and out. While it may seem as simple to you as getting a ladder and climbing on the roof to see how things look, there is much more that an inspection entails. You will get a detailed report regarding the condition of the roof, including the condition of the roofing materials. Inspectors will examine the flashing around the chimney, the vents, and other areas. They may also give you an idea about the condition of your gutters, downspouts, and the drainage of the roof.

Why you Should Arrange for a Roof Inspection

Discovering the Need for Roof Repairs

The critical aspect of a roof inspection is that it can alert you to the need of any repairs that you may need. A thorough inspection may pick up on weaknesses that, if fixed now, can ward off more significant potential problems with your roof and extend the life of your roof. You may find that minor repairs that do not cost as much can help to save you thousands of dollars over the long haul. An inspection may also let you know how long you can expect your current roof to last so you can get an idea of what may be coming for you as the year’s pass.

Call for an Inspection

If you would like to arrange for a roof inspection so you can check the current condition of your roof, contact us at Rescue Roofing LA for help. We have served the Southern California area for over forty years and can provide you with the detailed inspection that you need. Call our office at (888) 290-5525 to schedule your inspection so one of our experienced professionals can come to your home and inspect the roof for you. We will give you a detailed report along with a free estimate for any repairs or work you may need. Alternatively, if you have any questions you would like to ask, or any comments to make, please use our online contact form and send it to us. Just fill the form with your details and message, and a member of our staff will respond shortly.