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Common Roof Problems That California Roofing Contractor Can Deal With

The different weather conditions in the US can affect homes and roofs. In California, you will find unique problems happening to the roofs of many homes. And these problems can be fixed by a reputable California roofing contractor. Here are some of them. 

Common Issues That Require the Help of California Roofing Contractor 

Intense Heat 

The climate in this state varies widely. But anywhere you are in California, the sun’s rays here are intense. With the extreme heat, it can deteriorate asphalt shingles. Over time, it can cause blistering. Indeed, your roof has waterproofing material. But if the shingles start to blister, the waterproofing material will be exposed to the heat. If it’s not treated immediately, the water will come through, resulting in leaks. 

If your roof is stripped of color, it can be a sign that it has been fully exposed to the elements and that it may already be experiencing some damage. With extreme heat in the summer, the roof materials can expand and contract. This results in buckling of the shingles, causing them to open for the rain to enter. But this can be dealt with by hiring a roofing contractor in California. Call Rescue Roofer to schedule a roof inspection. 

Extreme Winds 

In addition to extreme sun rays, the state of California also experiences wind issues that can be damaging to the asphalt shingle roofs. Strong winds can get under shingles and blow them off the roof. The nails that hold the shingles may start to loosen. As a result, the roof’s ability to resist high winds will be reduced.

Furthermore, strong winds can break the seal placed between every layer of shingles. If it happens, it makes the roofless water-resistant. Unfortunately, though, the damage as a result of strong winds is not always visible. You need to look at it thoroughly before you can find it. And this is what a roofing contractor will do during roof inspection or roof maintenance. 

Water and Humidity 

They are also culprits for roof damage. The intense heat and high humidity in the winter can damage your roof. In the attic, water and cool air can produce dampness that encourages mold growth. The high humidity in California is also to be blamed for cracking tiles. 

The heat of the summer can melt flashing, thereby, deteriorating the roof. If left unchecked, the water will leak into the house when it starts to rain. That’s why it’s always ideal to check your roof before winter comes to ensure that the summer heat has not damaged your roof. 

California roofing

Call a Roofing Professional 

No matter what the issues are with your roof, you can be sure that our California roofing pros can remedy or fix them. Our team is fully licensed and insured. We give our customers peace of mind by providing them with the best quality work.

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