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Whenever we search for something like “roofers near me” or something similar, the “near me” tends to be a bit vague. “Near me” can mean “a few miles,” “a lot of miles,” or much farther. However, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, Pasadena, Hollywood or Orange County, then searching for those roof contractors “near me” can bring you to us at Rescue Roofing LA. We’re “near you” in ways other than simply location.

True Roofing Pros = “Roofing Contractors Near Me”

For example, our roofing professionals live around the same areas you do. A majority of our workers in fact have lived in southern California our entire lives. So, we’re truly near you: we have the same experiences. We go to the same parks, we try to get to the beach when we can, we root for the same teams, and a lot of days, we’re sitting in the same traffic. We understand what it means to live and work in southern California. We know how special a place this is.

So, that means we’re also aware of how important it is to have a great roof. That’s true whether you’re looking for “residential contractors near me” or “commercial contractors near me.” A home without a good roof on it isn’t a home, it’s just a house. If your roof is leaking, or if light’s shining through that shouldn’t be, you aren’t going to feel comfortable in your home. That’s one more area where our roof repair can show up and give you back your top quality roof.

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As we’ve lived in this area for so long, we know how the roofs should look on the homes here. That means that we can make your roof look exactly as it should. We’ve been installing and repairing roofs in southern California for more than four decades. Your roof can blend into the rest, making your home truly a part of the community. By that same token, we know that so many people have come to southern California to stand out. They want to be bold, brash and look different. We can help you there, too. We can make your roof be the kind of thing that people notice for miles around, that they point out whenever they drive past it.

The Right Roof for You

Now, we know that so many of our customers want “a great roof,” but may not know exactly what that is. That’s where our experience comes in again. When you come to us looking for a great roof for your home, we can sit down with you to figure out the exact kind of roof that best serves you. We’ll lay out all of our options, from metal roofing, to asphalt roofing, as well as everything in between. From there, we’ll find an option for you that’s both gorgeous and cost-effective.

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From there, we can get to work giving you the right roof for your needs. Many times, the “right roof for your needs” is “your own roof, repaired.” That’s where our roof repair experts come into play. If there’s a way to make your roof itself again, we can do it. Our years of experience have shown us what causes roof leaks in southern California, as well as how to fix them. We can fix leaks and any other problems that may be plaguing your roofs, so that you can be comfortable, safe and secure inside your home.


Commercial Roofing Contractors Near You

Of course, not everyone wants a great roof for their home. Over the decades, we’ve helped so many businesses to have a roof that truly accentuates their business. No matter what kind of business you’re in, Rescue Roofing LA has probably built or repaired a roof for someone in that same industry in the last 40 years. So, we know what kind of roof (or roof repair) is best for a building in that industry. We can now bring that expertise to your roof.

That being said, no two buildings or roofs are alike. Each is different and unique in their own way. If you have an office building, for example, what made the perfect roof for an office twenty; fifteen or even a couple years ago may not be right for your office today. That’s why we offer personalized roofing solutions. From discussions with you, we work in tandem to figure out the best way to give you the proper roofing for your building.

Even the best, most well-run business can be done in by substandard roofing. Some companies try to skimp on the roofing, roofing repairs and maintenance, but it’s not good business. Leaks and other problems can be a problem for employees, colleagues, investors and customers alike. No matter how high of esteem you hold a business in, if their building leaks when you’re in it, it’s hard to look at them the same way after that. Quality roofing maintenance protects your investment in your business.

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When people think of “roofing maintenance,” they tend to think of a roofing professional looking at a roof today. It’s normal and natural to think that roofing maintenance only pertains to someone fixing leaks or other roofing problems today. However, so many of our customers don’t get roofing maintenance or inspections for today, they do so for the future. For so many of us, our lives are in our homes – literally. They’re what we’ll pass on to future generations. Maybe we’re looking to sell our homes, or perhaps we believe our future generations will.

When the time comes to sell your home, you want it to have the highest resale value possible. So much of that is tied into the roof. If the roof is great, the resale value is likely to be that much higher. The corollary is true as well. If the roof isn’t as great as it could be, or if there are visible, obvious flaws, then the resale value of the home is likely to drop precipitously. Having routine roofing maintenance and repair can make your home’s value that much higher, no matter when (or even if) you’re planning on selling it.

The same goes for if you’re planning on moving to another home, too. Many times, we’re called in to look at roofs for homes that families are considering. Quickly, we can tell you whether or not these roofs are up to snuff. If they aren’t, then it’s better you know ahead of time before you waste a lot of time (or even money) on a home (and roof) that you’d be better off avoiding. We see this as one more way that we can help our Rescue Roofing LA customers.

Roofing Pros near You

When you contact us at Rescue Roofing LA, we can give you all of the info you’ll need. Each of our contractors has the proper insurance and licensing, so you’ll know you’re working with the best. We’re always more than happy to offer references and a portfolio. It’s exciting being able to show off our work to new people. By that same token, of course, you’ve probably seen our work as you drive around Los Angeles. Many of the roofs we’ve repaired or installed in the last 40 years look as good as they did the day we finished working on them.

We can figure out how best to help you with all of your roofing needs. All of our work comes with a warranty we’ll stand by, too. So, when you need roofing contractors in your area, turn to us. Contact us today at (888) 290-5525 for a free estimate on all of your roofing work.